Marissa + 2

She may only stand a little over five feet high, but it’s one hell of a voice that comes out of Marissa Saroca. Sure, she hasn’t technically won anything since back-to-back Best Female Vocals at the 2005 and 2006 ABC Newcastle Music Awards; but this many years later… well, you be the judge.… Find out more

The Rumour Trio

Comprising some of the most experienced and well-known professional musicians in the region, The Rumour is the Hunter’s power-house live act for corporate and private events.… Find out more

Phonic Trio

Specialising in Newcastle Weddings and Hunter Valley Weddings.

Phonic’s Wedding Entertainment is one of the most distinguished in the valley with over 10 years and hundreds of weddings up their sleve.… Find out more


Ever heard a live duo sound like a live band??? If not, you haven’t heard PAPARAZZI. No samples. No tracks. Paparazzi encompasses that live experience, combining guitar, bass, drums, vocals and harmonies with only two humans.… Find out more

The Faves

‘The Faves’ are a covers duo from Newcastle Australia, playing all the ‘favorites’ and catering to a wide range of musical tastes and suited for all occasions.

The duo combines singer/guitarist Emma Bateson with first class guitarist/vocalist Robbie Long.… Find out more

Joy Duo


Once upon a time in a land dubbed Canberra, there was a talented guy named David who loved to play the guitar. One day, David decided to move to Newcastle where it was much warmer.… Find out more


Uptown are a professional cover band that has performed extensively at venues, countless weddings and corporate events around Australia since 2012. The Hunter Valley is their main hotspot for gigs, however the band does travel just about anywhere!… Find out more


Music for Functions, Weddings & Events


V O G U E is a Newcastle-based function and events band inspired by funk and pop, designed to do everything from getting you out of your seat, for those high-energy occasions, to providing a smooth background, and can be tailored to suit any audience.… Find out more

The Big Bang

image of the big bang trio

The Big Bang are a group of experienced and talented musicians who will create the perfect event experience for you and your guests!

The Big Bang are versatile enough to go with your event’s flow; quiet enough to remain in the background when required, talented enough to make you go “wow!”, and expert enough to get even the most reluctant dancers on their feet!… Find out more