The Gaudrys

The Gaudrys are a versatile trio with a wide ranging repertoire capable of playing anywhere from a high class cocktail wedding to the local pub down the road.

The Gaudrys are:

Emma Courtney: An acoustic guitarist and vocal artist. Emma is a breath of fresh air with her rich, clear, versatile vocal range and an easy, natural charisma on stage. Her impressive palette of musical styles and songs ranges from Rock n’ Roll, Pop and Jazz to Country, Indie and folk.

Matt Gaudry: Is a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar and piano and drums, as well as having one of the finest voices in town. He has played on countless albums, but some recent ones have included Mark Wells, The Viper Creek Band, Ngariki Electric Band, and Dave Carters’ solo project .

Luke Gaudry: Is a piano player par excellence. Having moved to Newcastle a few years ago he has performed with many of Newcastle’s’ leading entertainers such as Afro Moses and Swing City Sound.

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The Gaudrys Testimonials

“The Gaudrys were wonderful. Entertaining with a variety of music styles and themes, and engaging band members. The lead singer is a beautiful person, she was able to have a chat and checked if I thought the level of sound and style was okay. They were very professional and well equipped. They really made the night, I am so lucky that they were the band! They were fantastic, organised and helpful, I cannot say enough about them!”

– Lisa Dundas, 50th Birthday Party, Saturday 25th May 2013

“Everything was wonderful, I was very happy. The band definitely helped to make my first event very successful and they were great to deal with.”

– Rachel Gowman, Corporate Cocktail Party, Saturday 1st March 2014